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"Culture saves"

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About Us

iXuranio was born as a technological and innovative branch of AzuleeSrl, a company specialized in strategic and marketing consultancy and content provider.

Our mission is to design and create innovative products and services with high technological value aimed mainly at the protection, conservation, promotion, dissemination and optimization of natural, environmental, cultural, social and relational resources.

We have therefore decided to be a benefit company, paying particular attention to balancing our activities for the benefit of the shareholders with the interest of those on whom the social activity may have an impact, with particular reference to collective well-being and cultural, social and professional enrichment of our community.

Bella Imago is the digital solution for the cultural world that allows to meet the needs of cultural recipients in an immersive and integrated way, encouraging the activities of use, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage.


The application is aimed at different categories of cultural recipients or users who interact with the cultural world:

  • visitors/tourists
  • libraries
  • Art and Culture Institutes for the
  • Conservation of Works
  • museums, widespread museums and
  • art galleries
  • private collectors
  • Auction houses
  • Agencies for the transport and
  • surveillance of works of art
  • insurers and brokers

and allows, depending on the functionality, to:

  • improve the use of the artistic and cultural heritage of the places visited, enriching the visitor’s experience and at the same time encouraging the participation of the cultural institution
  • encourage the active participation of visitors through storytelling and multi-sensory methods
  • facilitate the understanding of the cultural heritage on display by the cultural institution
  • monitor, supervise, identify works of art and ensure the authenticity of works for the benefit of museums, insiders, auction houses, transport and surveillance agency, art gallery, private collectors, insurance companies and brokers
  • identify and prevent the optimal environmental and physical conditions for the conservation and preservation of the works on display and / or during transport


Discovering the villages with iXViculus.

Recent years have radically changed some characteristics of our society: in particular, greater attention has been paid to environmental sustainability and this is bringing great changes to the tourism sector and to the very way of conceiving holidays.

People are in fact paying more attention to nearby places, sometimes less mainstream, but from the
Incalculable artistic value. Italy is seeing a rebirth of its villages from a point of view
tourist: our peninsula has hundreds of villages, many of which are UNESCO heritage, which
Thanks to their unique characteristics they are attracting more and more people to their alleys. From the little ones
Seaside villages at the forts hidden in the mountains, the phenomenon of staycation is developing, a type of
Shorter holiday, but closer, to the rediscovery of our cultural heritage.

iXViculus wants to welcome and support this new trend, with the aim of (re)giving splendor to everything
our immense cultural heritage, even in those areas where this is not properly preserved. Through the use of advanced technologies – IoT sensors and virtual reality in particular – iXViculus wants to achieve the following objectives:

  • widening the boundaries of the territory and urban and rural areas;
  • creation and digitization of maps of the villages;
  • modification of the visitor’s role, from spectator to actor;
  • dissemination of cultural and proximity tourism;
  • sharing the experience according to a new space-time, intimate and sensorial dimension;

  • enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of the villages;

  • rediscovery and virtual reconstruction of forgotten artistic heritage;

  • immersive experience in the natural path through the use of multimedia content (video,

  • images, virtual and augmented reality);

  • attention to the preservation of the conditions of permanence of the heritage on display.


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